Monday, October 4, 2010

5 Movies That Gave Me The Creeps, Made Me Jump, Or Made My Skin Crawl!

Every month I'll go through my movie collection and pick out five movies that actually gave me the heebie jeebies and post them on here for you to enjoy!
Hopefully I'll introduce you to some new titles and rekindle some old horror movie flames you haven't watched in years, lets get this thing started!

5. Stephen King's IT

Stephen King's IT is a movie that follows a group of young children through their lives into adult hood while they are terrorized by a homicidal, sewer-dwelling clown. Still interested? I knew you would be. Through out the movie we are treated to various scenes of Pennywise (our clown friend) harassing and scaring the shit out of our troop of victims, but one scene creeped me out more than any other in this movie. Granted, I was young when I first saw this movie, but this scene has stuck with me and I still catch my self staring at storm drains and walking around them! Towards the beginning of the movie, one of the main characters younger brother is playing out side after a storm. He is chasing his paper boat down the curb when it is swept into a storm drain, where Pennywise is waiting for him. After a brief conversation, the boy is convinced that Pennywise means him no harm and reaches in to retrieve his boat. It is then that Pennywise reveals his true intentions...


You'll never look at a sewer the same again...

4. Pee Wee's Big Adventure

"Pee Wee's Big Adventure?", you may be asking yourself, and "Yes!" is the answer. For the most part this movie is good, wholesome fun for the whole family, but there is one scene so insidious it makes even the toughest of grown men tremble and it's mere mention. I am of course talking about...Large Marge! During Pee Wee's adventure, he is hitch-hiking on a highway and is picked up by a woman driving a semi-truck. From the beginning it is obvious that something is amiss, and then the driver begins telling a story of a truck driver who was involved in an accident on the very same highway they were driving on. In gruesome detail, the woman describes the accident, and eventually reaches the line "And when they pulled her body from the twisted...burning...wreckage, she looked like...


This scene has haunted my dreams since I was a child and I don't think I'm ever going to recover from its absolute terror.

3. Psycho

This movie is a classic that I'm sure most,if not all, of you have at least heard of. Directed by a master of horror movies Alfred Hitchcock, and starring Anthony Perkins as the mentally unstable and very creepy Norman Bates. The movie it self is an excellent piece of horror cinema and should be mandatory for any fan of horror to watch, but there is one particular moment in this movie that has scared thousands of people away from the shower. In the movies most infamous scene, our victim steps into the shower to try and relax a bit. After some vigorous scrubbing a shadowy figure appears through the shower curtain, the figure rips the curtain back and begins stabbing wildly at our hopeless, showering companion...
Poor girl never had a chance.

The creepiest part of this scene for me was the slow zoom out from the girls eye while she lay dead on the bathroom floor, and this movie is why I will always have a clear shower curtain so no one can sneak up on me!

2. Halloween

Halloween is a personal favorite of mine, and a movie that truly scares me when I watch it. Another amazing horror director, John Carpenter brought terror to the town of Haddonfield in the form of Michael Myers. Carpenter also produced and wrote the score for the film, the score has always creeped me out, its very loud and harsh piano riffs and what I can only assume is some kind of synthesizer piercing through. While the entire presence of Michael Myers through out the film is eerie, from his signature lumber to those vacant eye holes in his mask, he makes a very prominent kill early on in the film that still makes me look over my shoulder on dark and scary nights. One of the group of girls in the movie, Annie, makes her way out of her house and to her car to pick up her boyfriend for a bit of the old horizontal tango while her parents are out for the night. She hops in the front seat but is puzzled by the presence of condensation on the glass in the car, before she can think Michael emerges from the darkness of the backseat...
Michael getting a little hot and heavy!

After a bit of strangling Michael slits Annie's throat and finishes the job, and there is not a night I can remember I haven't checked my back seat before getting in the car!

1. Jaws

The mother of all shark movies, Jaws has put a fear of the beach into many people through many generations. Even 35 years after this movies release it still hits a nerve and makes you afraid to venture too far out into the water. This movie single-handedly

 OH HAI!!!

Yes, you are going to need a bigger boat, perhaps a fleet of boats, with large guns mounted on them. For the record I still refuse to go more than knee deep into the ocean...


I hope you enjoyed my little run-down up there, I will be doing these every month and if there are any movies that actually scared you or movies I should know about for future lists leave them in the comments and I will be sure to check them out! Also in-store for the coming days I have planned to show you how to properly carve a pumpkin, give you a short list of horror movies NOT to see, and review a few more halloween goodies from local specialty stores, stay tuned!

(I also started another blog, it's about music I enjoy and I hope you join in on it! Music That Moves You )


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  3. Haha, mate, I love the blog! A really awesome concept! I've seen all these movies, and especially Pee Wee's moment freaked me out when I was younger. It's like those faces from Beetle Juice when theyre practicing their dead faces.


  4. I want to kill you NHBlogger. I've almost eliminated that sight from my mind. I remember watching that at 5. It was, to a point, a repressed memory. *shudder* I had forgotten all about it.

  5. Psycho is one of my favourite films!

  6. IT was such a fuck you to everyone on the planet. Who does not hate clowns? Really? Tim Curry was amazing in it. I think I heard a while ago there was going to be a remake.

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  8. Kentucky fried Movie, the stuntman scene... scariest thing I ever saw in my life...

  9. The majority of those are movies that everyone should see. And for the record, I've never seen IT, nor will I ever see IT.

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  16. Dang nice. Good list. I haven't actually listed out my scariest movies of all time... One would definitely have to be Robin Hood with kevin Costner. That witch scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

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