Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Insanity!

I ventured out into a few local stores today and snapped some pictures of what I found!

It is safe to say that the season is well underway at major chains and seasonal stores have also started popping up, and to be honest I'm almost giddy with excitement!

I picked out a few of my favorite things from each store for all you ghouls and gals to enjoy, so here we go!

To start off I visited a local big retail store, you know the one with all the blue and yellow and the roll-backs, and there was a crap load of candy!

After tearing through the mass of boxes, I found tucked away in a dark and cobweb layered corner, this piece of culinary  terror!

I can only image that when bitten into the heart oozes a disturbing amount of red jelly-like filling!
After finding that little gem I ventured over to the decoration aisle and found the standard heaps of skulls and over-sized rats populating the aisle. There was one thing, however, that actually caught my eye.

I had to press the button, it was beckoning to me, and I was in for a treat when I did!
Apparently pressing the button releases a bloodthirsty tarantula (roughly the size of a nickle) from the pumpkins mouth fast enough to remove a finger if placed correctly!
Did it scare me? Yes. Did I then make my friend press the button and laugh when he jumped? Of Course!

After a good scare it was off to the next store! ( The one with a target for a know the one)

Much of the same as the last store, but the labeling was MUCH more entertaining!

For example, THE BAG O' OLD BONES!

Literally a mesh sack full of bones, nothing special, but the creativity of the name alone must be worth it right?!

And lets not forget our friend, HANGING OMINOUS MUMMY!

I never figured out why he was ominous, it made no sounds, it didn't move, it just hung there.

In all of the halloween fury it appeared me and my friend had been separated , after searching the dark corridors of candy and decorations I found him doing this!

Obviously the victim of some kind of voodoo I quickly realized there was no hope and high-tailed it out of there!

So that's it! It was a decent trip and I had a great time running around all the aisles like a little kid!
I did make it out to some local seasonal shops and I will write another post on those in the coming days, also a movie review of a classic horror/comedy film will accompany it! So stay tuned!

I'll leave you with one last picture, for what ever reason, this mask gave me the creeps, i'm still not sure why but it still does just looking at it...


  1. i love halloween. probably my favorite holiday. i always get this ape mask and go out with my friends to go trick or treating.

  2. Hey mate, classic OC, good to see more bloggers putting effort into their material.

    Following, as always,

  3. Play BioShock, you'll see why the bunny mask is kinda creepy.

  4. BIOSHOCK! I knew I recognized that mask! I can't believe I didn't realize what I was looking at, thank you!


  5. brilliant post! Would love to see some more. Maybe a best of and worst of post!?

  6. haha i love it when they have those sections in the stores.

  7. I wonder if its wrong that I can tell you're at target..

    But I can't wait for Halloween! More so right after Halloween, All that stuff goes on sale. :3